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Empowering Your Creativity

For both couples AND professionals

Our mission is to spread the word that the era of "one, proper way to do things" has passed, replaced with unprecedented freedom to infuse your personality into any or every detail of your celebration.  We adore tradition, but not for the sake of itself.  Embrace sentimentality.  We guarantee you'll laugh at some of the things you'll see, but will ultimately feel inspired to do "weird" your own way.  

We also aim to empower the creative professionals who live and breathe for couples who think outside of the box.  We do not believe in the idea of the "Wedding Industrial Complex" (business owners as villains) or the supposed prevalence of a "wedding tax" (gratuitous upcharging).  We support small business owners whose passions compel them to serve you.  We acknowledge that weddings don't get do-overs, and that you expect more from a wedding gown than a prom dress.  A wedding photographer must be able to adjust to dynamic situations in an instant.  Making a sheet cake is different than an experienced artist assembling tiers with build-in support after delivering on-site.  

Weird weddings are partnerships, and we want to help facilitate that magic.  We don't take sides here.  We're not desperate to sell copies of some magazine.  Weird, right?

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